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Fees & Payment

COA offers learners flexible and easy payment options. Please see below an outline of the fees we charge and the various payment options. 


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No of Subjects      Term        Semester         Year  

 1                           $4 000       $6 000           $12 000

 2                           $8 000       $12 000         $24 000

 3                           $12 000     $18 000         $36 000

 4                           $15 000     $22 500         $45,000


Registration          FREE


No of Units            Term        Semester         Year        

 1                           $6000        $ 9 000            $18 000

 2                           $12 000     $18 000           $36 000

 3                           $18 000     $27 000           $54 000

 4                           $20 000     $30 000           $60 000

How You Can SAVE

When Making School Fee Payments

You have three ways to make your school fee payment:

  • Termly (3 months period)​: This way it can be more convenient for those who prefer to pay in small portions. You are therefore allowed to pay your fees for the year in 3 parts.

  • Semester(4-5 months): This allows you to make your school fee payment for the entire year in two parts, usually due in September and January. 

  • Yearly: You can pay for your classes for the entire academic year. 

How to Make Payments

Making your tuition payment couldn't be easier with the many payment options we offer:

Credit Card

All major credit cards are accepted. You are required to download credit card payment authorization form, complete and submit it to our admissions department. 

Paypal Payment

PayPal is one of the most popular and trusted way to send and receive money online. 

Bank Transfer

Contact your Enrollment Advisor at 1876-321-1854 to help you set this up. You can also do bank transfers online. Ask your Enrollment Advisor how it works.

Direct Bank Deposit

This payment option allows you to deposit your payment directly into our account. Your Enrollment Advisor will provide you with the details that the bank requires from you. 

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