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COA welcomes learners from all over the region. Our flexible and convenient online classes are designed to help you pass your CXC and CAPE exams at a comfortable pace. We are equipped with a team of highly committed instructors who are passionate about passing on thier expertise. A team that is committed to your academic success. 

Study with us

Follow these 3 simple steps to study with us:

To register for our classes you will need to complete and submit your Registration Form. Once this is done, an Enrolment Advisor will be contacting you to provide guidance and support in completing the next steps. 

COA offers you convenient and flexible ways to pay your tuition. If you need help in deciding which option is right for you, you can always contact your assigned Enrolment Advisor at 1876-421-5979. Click here to get a listing of our fees.  

Step 3: Enrol in Class

Once you have registered and submit your payment, you will be receiving an invitation to enroll in our online classroom. You will also be receiving a one-on-one consulation session with your Enrolment Advisor to help you get started.  All enrolled students are also required to participate in an orientation session before starting classes. This is also delivered online with our advanced technology tools. 

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Study with us

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