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Great Reasons to Study with us

Our Classroom Experience

COA creates a Caribbean learning community of diverse, intellectually passionate students and teachers. Our vibrant online classes in many subject areas engage and challenge students to reason analytically, think creatively and argue critically. Our unique learning environment provides common intellectual framework for students to excel in the Caribbean regional standardized examinations. 


Our instructors are different from what you're used to. We are proud to be working with a cadre of highly qualified professionals who want to see you do well. They bring not only a high level of expertise to the classroom, but also a passion for teaching. Lessons are recorded, so students can watch at thier own convenience and review several times to make sure concepts taught are learnt. 


All students registered are assigned an Enrolment Advisor, who provides support and guidance to the student right until completion of course of study. Our Advisors also provide coaching in the areas of time management, goal setting and planning and organizing. We do understand that this is a new learning experience for a most of our learners. This is why, before you are enrolled in your classes, you will be participating in an orientation session, designed to help you adjust to online learning and to get you familiar with your new classroom. 

School Based Assessment (SBA)

This is why COA is so unique. We provide our learners with the option of doing SBAs or the Alternate paper to the SBA(Paper 03) for most of our subjects offered.  You can therefore go into your exam with confidence knowing that your chances of passing is so much greater. 

And don't worry, we provide the kind of support you need to make sure you score high on this component of the exam. You can book consultation sessions with your tutor if you believe you need a one-on-one help. Your instructor will marked your SBA and submit timely feedback for you to improve.  Most SBAs are also submitted online. We also host Paper 03 Workshops for students who choose this option.

Great Reasons to Study with Us

You are Guaranteed to GET RESULTS

Exam Registration

You are a registered student of COA, we take care of you. There is no need for you to worry where you will sit the exams or how will you get to register for the exams and there is certainly no worry of you missing the deadlines for exam registration. Our academy register you for your exams with the Caribbean Examination Council and because we are a regional learning community, we place you in a examination center in your area. 


Our fees are rates you can afford. We also provide flexible payment options that make it easier and more convenient to pay. Plus you get to save hundreds of dollars in traveling expenses to a traditional school. COA charges just about 50% of the fees that traditional schools charge. 


With our class design you can complete your syllabuses in as little as 3 months. No need to wait an entire year before you get to sit an exam. This flexibility in our class scheduling and design is convenient for learners who work, attend full time day school, parents who have ta care for their children during evening time

Resources & Workshops

Enrolled students have access to over 10 years of past paper questions and a host of other learning materials. Solutions are worked out for you on a step by step basis. Most are also recorded for you to watch at your convenience and to make sure you learn the concepts taught. Students can also practice multiple choice tests and instantly receive feedback and score. 

You have the opportunity to attend Exam Readiness Workshops that are live. You get to partipate using our online webased tools. These workshops are especially designed to help students master the art of answering exam questions. 

Speak to an Enrollment Advsior

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Your education is in good hands.  Our CEO, Mrs J Wright is also the Director  of South East College. She has been investing in education for over two decades. You should know that Mrs Wright started her first home-based school when she was 14 yrs old. In fact, she received the Prime Minister of Jamaica National award for contribution to nation building. 

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