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Caribbean Online Academy is No Ordinary School- the first of its kind in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Online Academy is an extraordinary online institution facilitating tutoring and exam support guidance to Caribbean learners preparing for standardized examinations, mainly CSEC and CAPE. What is most unique about this institution is its easy to use online classroom, and the support system implemented to guarantee learners success.

The academy was designed to create an easier, more affordable way for persons to study and pass exams, especially when it is inconvenient to attend regular daytime or evening classes. The Academy also provides a great opportunity for secondary education students wishing to take subjects outside of their regular school. Another great feature of this new learning environment tis the fact that students get the opportunity to do SBAs, which greatly increases their chances of passing the exams. Caribbean Online Academy is privileged to be working with a cadre of highly qualified experienced professional educators, some of whom are also CXC exam markers.

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